My Values

The work that I do will often include helping people clarify what they most want to stand for in their lives. The society we live in is laden with oppression, including racism, that we all suffer from. Making our choices and taking action grounded in our values is one of the ways we bring vitality and meaning into how we live.

In my work as a therapist, I make a commitment to the values of compassion, presence, and effectiveness.

I work to embody the value of compassion by being non-judgmental and patient, giving my clients the time they need to explore their experience and convey their struggles. It also means being active with them in that exploration, not leaving you to struggle when I can offer a helpful suggestion.

Presence – paying attention seems like a pretty minimal expectation, but the more I practice as a therapist, the more I appreciate how essential it is and how important it is to commit to it as a value. I’m committed to minimizing distractions so 100% of my attention can be on what happens as we work together. Being present in the room gives me more awareness not only of what’s being said, but also what isn’t being said, so I can really be there with you.

Effectiveness.  In our first few meetings it’s important to me that I understand what your life goals and values are, and to decide with you how therapy can help you move toward those desired ends. I want to be effective helping you in that movement. It’s important to me that we stay focused, and if there’s something interfering, that we acknowledge and work to change it. What I don’t want to do is have you waste your time and money in weekly sessions that may feel reassuring but aren’t producing the lasting change you’re seeking. My value of effectiveness is also the reason I rely on Evidence Based Therapies; meaning I rely on approaches informed by (1) scientifically proven methods, (2) my practice wisdom and experience, and most importantly, (3) ongoing discussion with you to tailor our work to fit your needs.