Anti-racism, Diversity, and LGBTQ

In today’s social and political climate, I feel called to recognize and protect the value and beauty of our diverse identities, however they are defined (gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture, abilities, spiritual beliefs, or any other form of identity). As human beings, we’re each precious, we are wonderfully varied, and extraordinary. We each have a personal history and purpose that is worthy of respect. Our work together should recognize how we are unique, remarkable individuals.

While there are times when people seek counseling because they are struggling with some element of their identity, there are other times when we are in distress separate from our identity. I recognize that it’s too common for individuals with minority identities to be given the message that their identity is “the problem”, – this is not my perspective. I want to affirm who you are, to strengthen your confidence in the rightness of your values and goals, and to help you really represent the best version of you.